Think the DIY approach will take up too much of your time or you are too confused with all of the tech plus the constant flux of things in the digital marketing world?

Done for you solution

A done for you solution is the right path for you.

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Before I delve into my offerings, let us begin by considering the following scenarios.


You are launching a new business. You are aware of the importance of digital marketing but you don’t know where/how to begin. Rather than going through the time consuming process of figuring it out all by yourself, you realize the power of outsourcing to someone who has been there, done it, and has a track record of helping others do the same.


You have been in business for a while. You are present on all the necessary social media platforms and you have been building an email list. However, it seems like things are kinda stuck, and you feel like you are wasting precious time online when you could be utilizing the same time to expand your business. You realize that you need guidance in an ever changing digital environment so that you have a clear strategy to grow your business and following online.


– You are an established business owner. You are somewhat aware of the tech know-hows of online marketing but you absolutely don’t have the time to do it all by yourself. You need to outsource.


– You are looking to build an online business and you are willing to invest the time and money required to achieve your goals. You are not comfortable setting up all the technical aspects of an online business and you want to make sure you do it right from the very beginning. You don’t want to waste time or money figuring out and learning all the tech stuff.


Able to relate to any of the above scenarios? What you need is a Solution.

A solution includes the complete end-to-end strategy, implementation and management and is provided as a service. In short, here, I take care of all the pieces of the “digital marketing” puzzle for you.

The solutions I provide are the following:

Packages can be customized to better suit the needs of your business. 




  • Social Media Strategy
  • Preliminary Setup/Audit of Social Media Accounts
  • Content Creation/Curation. Includes Copywriting and Graphic Design.
  • Community Building and Management + Brand Awareness
  • Promotional Campaigns/Contest Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Unlimited Communication Via Email and/or Phone/Skype


Starting at $500/month for one social media account.

Platforms available: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

*Social media ad setup and management requires an additional fee + ad budget.

  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Preliminary Setup + Welcome Email Autoresponder/Audit of Current Email Setup
  • Weekly/Monthly Email Campaign Creation + Management
  • List Management
  • Conversion/Sales Funnel Strategy + Implementation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • Unlimited Communication Via Email and/or Phone/Skype


Starting at $400/month (preliminary setup  + one welcome email).

Investment varies depending on complexity. Contact for an exact quote.

If you require an a la carte solution. For example;

  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Graphic Design for Social Media and Website
  • Lead Generation Sales Funnels
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Lead Magnet Creation
  • A Custom Social Media and/or Email Marketing Package


This is not an exhaustive list. If you don’t see a specific item listed here, fill out the Client Inquiry Form with your custom requirement.

Investment varies depending on project. Contact for an exact quote.

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